Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

AnyRead™ JBR-100/200/300

Portable compact data collector from logistics to sales

JBR300 is wireless bar code/NFC leader, which can obtain and transmit data with diverse smart devices through use of latest Bluetooth and NFC technology.


Understanding of basic functionalities

NFC Bluetooth pairing 1

NFC Bluetooth pairing 2

Understanding of JCSYNC


Upon purchase of product, we provide the contents as follows.


  • User Manual

  • GUI Application tool for Windows OS

  • Android application with Inventory management features



Please refer to the brochure for details.


Portable compact data collector from logistics to sales! Quick, easy and accurate!

BS-100 is a machine that transmits bar code data through interlocked function with diverse smart devices as bar code scanners that use Bluetooth communication. Barcode scanner fit into the job on the move as portable type devised to handle parcel service/AS/inventory management and so forth required to be handled swiftly and efficiently. Because, upon transmission, it transmits information on scan time of input data and serial number of its main body, it is possible to maximize data utilization and real-time sharing of data and job performance is possible anytime and anywhere. Also because scanned data are stored in embedded memory, loss of data is prevented, even though transmission via device fails and state of shipping and receiving/management of inventory/revenue for each store can be delved into detail. Such data analysis is made useful thanks to bar code scanner that can bring in profit maximization through active adoption by marketing.